How to check your IP address in Linux.

Find/check your ip address in Linux or Ubuntu.

How to find your local and public IP address in Linux/Unix.

To configure the network connection, you need to know the ip address of your computer or laptop. Some people prefer to use Linux for the PC, laptop or server. How to find/check your current IP address in Linux?

How to check your internal IP address in Linux.

To check your local (static) computer’s IP address in Linux OS, type “ifconfig” at a command line (console, terminal) and it will list your IP with your Ethernet adapter. But in some distribution you have to be a root user to be able to do it. Therefore, you can always run this command “/sbin/ifconfig | grep ‘inet addr:'” and you’ll see your IP address.

Also you may try to use “hostname -i” command in terminal. In some builds of Linux, to see your IP, you just need to hover a mouse cursor over a network icon in a system panel.

6 ways to find your IP address in Linux/Ubuntu/Unix.

  1. The first way, and the easiest in most cases, is found by right clicking the network icon in the notification area and clicking Connection Information. This brings up a window which has a bunch of information, including your current IP address in Linux.
  2. The second way, which shows me more detail than this first method, is at System > Administration > Network Tools. Than you need to select your network device and you’ll see its IP address.
  3. Open a terminal in Linux/Ubuntu/Unix. Type this command: “hostname -i”. You will get back your current IP.
  4. Use a command “ifconfig” in terminal (console).
  5. Use a command “ip addr show”. Each device’s IP will be listed after “inet addr”.
  6. Type this command: “/sbin/ifconfig”. If you get an error messages, try this commands “sudo /sbin/ifconfig”, “/sbin/ifconfig -a” or “/sbin/ifconfig | grep ‘inet addr:'” to only display the IP address.

How to find your public (external) IP address in Linux/Ubuntu/Unix and other operating systems.

If you want to check your public IP address in Linux go on Google Search and type “my ip address” or just “ip address”. You will see you public IP address in Linux on the screen.

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