How to clear browser cache, cookies and history.

How to clear your browser cache.

Clearing your cache, cookie files and history in Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, Android and other web browsers.

Cookies (HTTP cookies, web cookies, Internet cookies, browser cookies) – files created by websites in your web browser to identify you the next time. Cookies can be used to remember such information as names, addresses, logging in, credit card numbers, items added in the shopping cart, which pages were visited.

Cache (web cache, HTTP cache, browser cache) is a temporary storage of HTML pages, images, JavaScript files and other copies of documents. Browser cache reduces bandwidth usage, server load. It helps to load websites faster.

Browser’s history is a list of websites you’ve visited before (yesterday, last week, month,). You can delete the history of websites you’ve visited on the Internet – that no one knows what sites you have viewed.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies means that website settings (like login IDs and passwords) will be deleted and some sites might appear to be a little slower because all of the images have to be loaded again.

Why do you need to clear the cache, cookies, browser history?

  • To free up space on your computer’s (laptop’s) hard drive. Depending on your browserg settings, cache files, cookies and history of visits can take up to several gigabytes on your hard drive.
  • To remove web surfing history on some device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet). For example, to delete all the saved passwords (or other private data) if you sell it. To delete a list of visited websites.
  • Some users are unable to log in to their account because of problems with the old cache files and cookies. Online banking, Google, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and other websites. Fix login issues on websites in Mozilla Firefox.
  • To speed up your browser.
  • Clearing the History, Cache and Cookies in a browser helps fix some other issues.

Helpful links:

Google Chrome browser.

How to clear the cache, cookies, history in Google Chrome: <Menu> – <Settings> – <Advanced settings> – <Privacy settings> – <Clear browsing data>. Or <Menu> – <More tools> – <Clear browsing data>.

Hot keys: “CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”.

Link: about:preferences#privacy

How to clear the cache, cookies, history in Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome (Android, iOS): <Menu> – <History> – <Clear browsing data>.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Clearing IE’s cache, cookies and history: <Tools> – <Internet options> – <General> – <Browsing history> – <Delete>.

Hot keys: “CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”.How to clear the cache in IE (Internet Explorer) browser.


Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10).

Clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, history in Windows 10 (Edge): <Menu> – <Settings> – <Choose what to clear> – <Clear>.How to clear the cache, cookies, history in Google Chrome browser. How to clear the cache, cookies, history in Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10).

Apple Safari browser.

Clearing your cache, cookies, history in Safari: <Safari menu> – <Preferences> – <Advanced> – <Develop> – <Empty Caches>. Or <Safari menu> – <Clear history> – <All history>.How to clear the cache in Safari browser.


Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to clear Firefox’s cache: <Menu> – <Options> – <Advanced> – <Network> – <Clear Now> – <OK>.

Link: about:preferences#privacyHow to clear the cache in Mozilla Firefox) browser.

How to clear Firefox’s cookies and history: <Tools> – <Options> – <Privacy> – <Clear all current history> – <Everything> – <Clear>.

To bypass the cache hold “Ctrl”+”F5” in your Browser.

Google Android browser.

Clearing the cache in Android OS (Samsung Galaxy, HTC 11, LG G6, Google Pixel and other devices) helps to free up space and fix errors in some applications.

How to clear the App cache (App data): Settings Storage > Cache Data or Saved Data.How to clear the App cache, App data in Android OS.

To clear app cache data for specific apps only: <Settings> – <Apps> – <All> – Choose an app – <Clear Cache>. Or <Storage> – <Clear Cache>.

If you can’t sign in to your Google Account (Gmail, Play Store, Play Market), try to clear your cache and cookies in browser. Sometimes it helps to solve the problem.

Deleting or clearing the cache to speed up your PC (laptop).

Cache files are created by applications to store temporary information. Cache is used to speed up applications. With time, your computer can accumulate a large amount of unused cache files. They can slow down your computer, in addition, they take up a lot of space on your hard drive.

To wipe your PC’s or laptop’s cache you can use CCleaner.

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