How to disable Adblock Plus (Chrome, Firefox).

How to temporarily disable AdBlock, AdBlock plus on a particular site.

How to temporarily disable (turn off, pause) AdBlock Plus, remove or delete (uninstall) it from Chrome, Firefox and other web browsers.

AdBlock (AdBlock Plus) is the solution to avoid, block pop-ups (annoying and other ads) in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) while you are using Internet.

The most popular ad blockers: Adguard AdBlocker, Fair AdBlocker, AdBlocker Ultimate, Ghostery, uBlock, Disconnect, AdBlock and Adblock Plus.

Some websites are blocking contents unless you disable (deactivate, turn off, uninstall, pause) Adblock extension. Because advertising – the main way to earn money for the owners of websites.

You can temporarily disable AdBlock (AdBlock Plus, ABP) for some particular website. Or you can fully delete, remove this add-on (extension) from your browser. You can add your favorite websites to the Adblock whitelist if you want to support it by allowing ads.

How to turn off AdBlock (AdBlock Plus) extension on a patricular website, page?

To pause (turn off) AdBlock/AdBlock Plus on a particular site or page:

  1. Open the website you’d like to whitelist.
  2. Click AdBlock/AdBlock Plus icon.
  3. Available actions for AdBlock: “Pause AdBlock” (temporarily disable AdBlock), “Don’t run on this page” (whitelist page), “Don’t run on pages on this domain” (whitelist website). You can choose “Block an ad on this page” to activate AdBlock again.
    How to pause, turn off AdBlock on a particular website.
  4. For AdBlock Plus, just click “Enabled on this site” it will change to “Disabled on this site”.Turn off AdBlock Plus on a particular website or page.

For all browsers: Click on the AdBlock (Plus) icon – Click “Disable on this site” or “Don’t run on pages on this domain”.

Google Chrome.

How to disable, remove, turn off, pause or uninstall Adblock, Adblock Plus on Chrome.

To completely uninstall Adblock Plus/Adblock from Google Chrome:

<Menu> – <Tools> – <Extensions> – <Find AdBlock> – <Trash icon> – <Remove from Chrome>.

To temporarily disable AdBlock on Google Chrome:

  1. Type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar.
  2. Find AdBlock or AdBlock Plus in the list of installed extensions.
  3. Click the check box to Disable/Enable AdBlock.

Microsoft Internet Explorer.

<Menu> – <Settings> – <Manage Add-ons> – <Toolbars and Extensions> – <Right-click the AdBlock> – <Disable/Enable>.

Mozilla Firefox.

<Menu> – <Tools> – <Add-ons> – <Extensions> – <Disable/Uninstall> it and restart Firefox.

Apple Safari.

<Menu> – <Preferences> – <Extensions> – <Select AdBlock/Adblock Plus> – <Click the check box> Toggle the On/Off button to Enable/Disable AdBlock.

Microsoft Edge (Windows 10).

<Menu> – <Extensions> – <Adblock> – < Click the On/Off button> to turn AdBlock off, or it on again.

How to stop blocking ads in Adblock browser App (for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets)?

If a web page isn’t working properly or looks wrong on your iOS/Android device, try to disable AdBlock.

How to disable, turn off ad blocker on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad) with Apple iOS? Open the Settings App – Safari – Content Blockers – Enable/Disable.

Also, to disable content/ads blocking in AdBlock for Mobile on your Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, you can press and hold the reload icon in browser’s address bar (or browser menu).
Or tap at the bottom menu – “Reload Without Content Blockers”.

To activate (turn on) ads blocker, tap the reload icon again.

How to disable AdBlock everywhere except on some sites?

You can use whitelist mode in AdBlock to always show ads everywhere except on some sites. To run AdBlock in whitelist mode:

  • <AdBlock button>.
  • <Options>.
  • <Customize> tab.
  • <Show ads everywhere except for these domains>.
  • Enter the domains where ads will be blocked.||
  • <OK>.

Use Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey extensions to remove AdBlock warning.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Learn more about Adblock – click here.

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