How to earn money with YouTube?

How to earn money on

How you can make money on YouTube views? is the most popular video-sharing website in the World. It belongs to Google since November 2006. YouTube allows users to upload, view and share user-generated videos. How much money does YouTube pay? How to earn money on YouTube? Do people earn money on YouTube and how?

YouTube blogers earn money from views and subscribers. If you get enough viewers and subscribers, then you can apply for YouTube partnership program.

It’s not guaranteed you’ll get the partnership and it’s rather hard to. They check your videos. And if all is ok, you’ll become Youtube partner. YouTube partnership means that you can place ads on your videos, through AdSense account. Every time someone clicks the ad, you get some money.

YouTube bloggers earn from $1 to $5 per thousand views of their videos. It depends on what kind of videos they make (vlogs, gaming, comedy, tech, etc.). The money comes from ads, the more people that see the ads, the more money you get on YouTube.

What you need to do to earn some money on YouTube.

  1. Create your own YouTube channel.
  2. To start making money on YouTube, you have to create and upload some original (with you authorship) videos. For best results, you need to make videos on a regular basis, like a TV Show.
  3. You can earn money on YouTube by many ways, here are a few. YouTube Monetization with Adsense. YouTube will invite you to join Google Adsense and place ads on your videos. Also, you can create sponsored videos and make money per view from the advertiser/sponsor. The best way is the YouTube Partnership program- if you are accepted you can earn money from your monetized videos, place your own banners and lots of other options.
  4. Work hard, and you’ll get the best results. There is no way that you get rich quickly. YouTube is not the easiest way to earn money, but it one of many.

It’s not easy to be a Youtube blogger and earning big money. You need to have lots of the things, a professional hardware, camera, microphone, special software (for recording, editing, capturing), and other.

How to earn more money on YouTube.

  • To get more money on YouTube you need to increase the number of channel’s subscribers or video views.
  • If you want to earn a lot of money on YouTube, you must start to make your videos free. When you get a lot of subscribers, you can turn the ads on.
  • Regular viewers is the basis of earnings on Youtube.
  • Become a YouTube partner. YouTube partnership allows you to use Google Adsense to run ads in your videos.

Earning money on YouTube with the YouTube Patnership program.

It’s recommended to have at least 1,000 subscribers to start Youtube as a career. But, having a lot of subscribers isn’t enough.
YouTube partnership has many criteria:

  • The content is 100% yours and you own all of the implied copyrights (authorship content, you need to create your own original videos).
  • Your videos are enough viewed (more than 1000 views).
  • You are post your videos regulary (every day, week).
    The videos are suitable for all viewers (without adult content, 18+ rated).
  • You are a resident in one of the countries where YouTube has local sites (USA, Canada, Germany, etc).
  • You can prove that you are 18+ years old (have a passport).

Only after you have met all those conditions and been “approved” by YouTube,
they will give you all the special tools and codes which will enable you to have the possibility of earning “ad revenue”, a banners and many other special options to make more money.

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Hope this works! If you have any other questions about the Google Adsense (Youtube partnership) program just ask me in the comments!

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