The simplest way to take a screenshot in Mac OS X (macOS).

How to take a screenshot on your Mac (macOS, MacBook, iMac).

How to take a screenshot in macOS (iMac, MacBook)?

Macintosh Operating System (macOS, Mac OS X) – has created by Apple for use with PC’s (iMac) and laptops (MacBook Air). This operating system is different from the others (Windows, Linux) and has some special features.

I would like to tell you about one thing. How to take a screenshot on a Mac. Screenshot is a picture of your desktop or part of it. Mac OS doesn’t have a printscreen button (like in Windows) that takes a screenshot of the page, desktop. There are several other ways to create a screenshot on your Mac. I suggest to you the most simple, effective and quick way to take a screenshot in macOS.

Taking a desktop screenshot on your Mac:

  1. In macOS, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen (desktop) or a selected area.
  2. Press on your keyboard – <Command button (the “Apple” key)> + <Shift> + <3> at the same time.  This should take a screenshot of the entire screen, and save the image as a file on your macOS’s desktop.
  3. <Command> + <Shift> + <4> should allow you to select an area (part, portion) of your screen, using a “crosshair”, to be included in the picture. When you unclick from dragging the crosshair, the screenshot gets taken.
  4. To take a screenshot of an open window in macOS, press  <Command> + <Shift> + <4> + <Space bar>. To shift through your windows, use <Command> + <Tab> buttons.
  5. <Command> + <Control> + <Shift> + <3> will save the screenshot to the Clipboard. You can paste it wherever you need by pressing <Command> + <V>. <Command> + <Control> + <Shift> + <4> will take a portion screenshot of your macOS desktop.
  6. Finally, you can use the Grab Utility Tool Applications -> Utilities -> Grab.

Hope this helps.

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